Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

How to make money from your mobile?

Handphone or known as a mobile phone, was the best thing that make by human on this planet.It have been one of the most thing that have been make and used.Most eoples only know that the use of this thing is only to call, SMS, play videos, etc. They didn't know that it can make them money, not only businessman that can do it.All people can do it, we only need something to be sold to a mobile users. Games, applications, videos, mp3 and mp4 was couple thing that we can sell.We didn't need to make them, cause there is a place that will provide everything for us.All we need is a site, blog or mobile blog like mine.We didn't need to pay even a single dime, cause we can get all for free. The place that will provide us with games, apps and all mobile content was Mobpartner.They will provide everything that we need to make money, from a site to promote, banners and links.All we need is send visitors to the link, and let them do the rest. USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALY, FRANCE and some of EUROPE are the most welcome, cause they got so much campaign to be promoted.Even they accepted worldwide members too. If you get interested and have signup for free, but still didn't know what to do.Just read their FAQ or you can reach me on this FORUM. A pay per activity forum, the place that will pay us for whatever we do in there.Just drop a comment on the bellow about your username on both site.And I will reach you as soon as possible.