Senin, 18 Juni 2012

Snap Secure For Android In USA

BackUp And Protect Your Data Automatically

Automatic Wireless Backup
# Set it and forget it! Schedule daily, weekly, or even monthly backups

# All data transfers to and from the smartphone are encrypted and secure
# Access your data anytime through the Snap Secure Web Portal

Migrate And Restore Data Wirelessly
# Migrate data from one platform to another and across platforms (BlackBerry to Android or vice versa)
# Remotely initiate a backup from the Snap Secure Web Portal, even if the phone isn't with you

Secure Your Devives Fro9m Malware, Virus and Spam

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Protection
# Real-time protection against the latest viruses and spyware
# Schedule automatic virus scans and auto-updates with the latest malware definitions.
# Automatically scans for malware when an application is downloaded.

Anti-Spam and Call Blocker
# Block unwanted calls including unknown and private numbers
# Block unwanted emails on your BlackBerry
# Block unwanted SMS text messages on your Android
# Create and back up your "blacklists" to transfer to a new device

Manage Your Privacy With Application Transparency

Application Transparency
# Discover what permissions individual apps are requesting like your messages, location, and personal information.
# Learn how various application settings affects your privacy and if an app has the ability to control device keys.
# Take control of you privacy by changing your app settings, deleting the app, or reporting the app to Snap Secure if it is suspicious.

Locate and Recover Your Missing Devices

Location Tracking and Device Recovery
# Quickly and easily locate a lost or stolen device via GPS.
# Track your device remotely through the Snap Secure Web Portal.
# Audio ping your device to find a misplaced phone quickly.
# Use "loved one" tracking to allow others to track your location. Great for parents with children or elderly family members!

Remote Lock and Wipe
# Remote lock your smartphone to prevent unauthorized use until it is recovered.
# If your device is lost permanently, remote wipe your device so your data is never compromised.
# Remote wipe clears everything on your phone including all personal data, SD Card contents, and even uninstalls key applications to render the device useless.

Simcard Guardian
# If an unregistered SIMCard is inserted into your smartphone, Snap Secure will send a warning email to you with location details.
# Location tracking will automatically be turned on
# Only available on GSM based devices

Personal Safety Notifications

Personal Guardian
# Personal Guardian is a one push panic button that can silently send out an emergency email, SMS, and even a Twitter message with your location information.
# Discretely trigger an emergency call to any pre-configured number including 911 emergency centers
# In emergency situations it's a quick way to alert your loved ones that you are in danger
# Provides a peace of mind when traveling or walking alone at night. Great for parents of independent kids too!

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Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Can I Access Mylot From Mobile?

For Mylotters who didn't have full access to the computers, laptop, notebook or whatever it is. I'm sure they will ask it!

For those who didn't know yet what is Mylot, check this post.

"Can I use a mobile phones to access Mylot?"

The answer is yes, you can. But you will have a problems to access it if you use the built-in mobile browser.You will face a big content file, so you have to use external mobile browsers like operamini, teashark, ucweb, etc.They will compress the page without reduce the result.

The other problems you will get is, you need 500 post cause you will need a copy-paste feature. Cause in Mylot, you will lost what you have write if it take to long.

Mylot will refresh the page if it take to long, and they will said that you do a copy-paste while you will get this feature.

So as long as you have reach 500 post in Mylot, you will able to use Mylot services whether posting and or comments without any trouble.

Better to try it by yourself rather then get into a doubt.


What is Mylot and how to make money from them?

why you should join myLot

We've heard reports of many myLot users who spend most of the waking hours of any given day enjoying myLot.
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customize your internet experience

View the latest discussions and blog postings all tailored to your interests and personal experience on myLot.
Make myLot your default home page and take advantage of everything myLot has to offer.

participate in discussions

Discuss topics about anything and everything under the sun.
Join one of the hundreds of thousands of discussions already started by our members, or start your own! We guarantee you'll find many others who share your interests.
Ahh, it's fun to be a fast growing community!

make money

Did we mention that you get paid (cash!) for your valuable contributions here?
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Learn about the earnings program and find out how you can earn some extra spending money.

build a profile

myLot users can express themselves with their own personal profile page. Every myLot user has one!
It's kind of like MySpace, only much cleaner.
Share photos with your friends and family.
Your profile is completely customized to your style, so let the world know what you're all about!

communicate with and make new friends

myLot has built-in private messaging which is a great way to communicate with your friends. It's 100% spam-free because YOU choose who can send you messages.
Only users who are on your "friends" list (which you have 100% control over) can send you a private message.

search and find

myLot has a comprehensive searching experience unlike any other.
Whether you're looking for web sites, discussions, blog articles, photos or private messages, you can easily find them!
With Yahoo! Search powering our web results, there's absolutely no reason to search anywhere else.
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