Rabu, 13 Juni 2012

Can I Access Mylot From Mobile?

For Mylotters who didn't have full access to the computers, laptop, notebook or whatever it is. I'm sure they will ask it!

For those who didn't know yet what is Mylot, check this post.

"Can I use a mobile phones to access Mylot?"

The answer is yes, you can. But you will have a problems to access it if you use the built-in mobile browser.You will face a big content file, so you have to use external mobile browsers like operamini, teashark, ucweb, etc.They will compress the page without reduce the result.

The other problems you will get is, you need 500 post cause you will need a copy-paste feature. Cause in Mylot, you will lost what you have write if it take to long.

Mylot will refresh the page if it take to long, and they will said that you do a copy-paste while you will get this feature.

So as long as you have reach 500 post in Mylot, you will able to use Mylot services whether posting and or comments without any trouble.

Better to try it by yourself rather then get into a doubt.


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