Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

Minuteworkers Go Scam

By read it you will know that site called minuteworkers.com was a scam site, atleast for me who ever feel it.

At the beginning, minuteworkers was one of the trusted site that I have used to make money.This site pay their members to do a job like paid to signup, paid to write and so on.I have used this site for about 2 years and make a descend money from it.I also make some jobs in there and get satisfy with the result cause I got more then what I have spend in there.And I believe that what you have expected from making a task on those kind of site.Isn't it?

Day by day, week by week and month by month, it have been 2 years in there with no problems until one day I decided to make a job in there.So transfer my money to my account and start to make a job that worth $0.50 each of it.After couple days I check it and found some workers that didn't do the job like what I want, so I denied it.

Couple days after that, I check it again and all my jobs are gone while there is no one who do the jobs.I check it again and again but the result just the same.I try to contact the admin and He didn't give me an answer.

I have feel it couple times after that happen, cause I think that only a mistake so I make another jobs that worth less then before and the result is still the sme.It gone without any explanations from the admin or I get a workers who done it for me.

Note only that, when I ask the payment cause my earning can't transfered to my fund credits.I need long-long time to get it and after make a contact with admin.I will do everything I could to spread the words about scam to your site, that what I write on my email to the admin.

I think that was enough to explain that those site was a scam, for me.Just hope that others won't feel the same like what I have feel.


For you who have felt the same just like me, please spread the worth about it to others to stop what have happened to us.And to make those site closed rather then wasting and steal our times, money and effort.For you who never felt like what I have feel, just hope that will ever feel it and they keep pay for what you have done.

Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

Toko Online Jam Slapia Sekarang Ada Di Indonesia Lho!

Mungkin kamu udah pernah dengar atau lihat di TV atau di internet. Mungkin juga ada ketertarikan untuk memilikinya, tapi tak tahu dimana atau bagaimana cara memilikinya. Tapi tenang saja, karena sekarang udah ada toko onlinenya di Indonesia.

Pemiliknya pun nggak tanggung-tanggung, yaitu Joko Susilo, ST. Salah satu online marketer kelas kakap Indonesia. Itu lho, yang punya produk SMUO.

Jadi kita nggak perlu khawatir jika barang tak sampai ke alamat kita.

Langsung aja akses toko online jam slapia pilih warna dan klik add to chart lalu ikuti petunjuknya dengan cermat agar jam tangan idaman bisa sampai ke tujuan.

Kamu akan mendapat harga miring, karena harga pasaran bisa mencapai 250rb-300rb. Apalagi jika kamu beli 3 sekaligus, kamu akan dapat bonus 1 jam tangan. Jadi beli 3 dapat 4 dengan harga miring.

Jadi tunggu apa lagi??

Langsung aja akses toko online jam slapia pilih warna dan klik add to chart lalu ikuti petunjuknya dengan cermat agar jam tangan idaman bisa sampai ke tujuan.

Bagi yang ingin ikut memiliki toko online seperti link diatas, daftar aja disini gratis.

Reseller jam tangan slapia

Jika mau keuntungan yang lebih upgrade aja dengan cara membeli 3 jam tangan slapia.


Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

Trafficswirl New Traffic Exchange Have Lounched

Traffiswirl was a new traffic exchange that will make you like to this site.Its full with bonus, whether points or cash each time you surf.Daily contest, referral contest, and much more.

The owner was John Bell, who is also leader of the L Team.Well known online marketer who will make everyone who listen His name will feel get guaranteed of great service and trusted site.

For free members, we will receive 0.6 credits per view at a 10 second timer, and there is a range of upgrade options giving more credits per view and a shorter timer, plus all the usual bonuses of upgrading. For a limited time, there is also an “elite” upgrade available, which gives you 1.5 credits per view and 5000 monthly bonus credits.

Surfing is smooth, as it should be on a brand new TE, and there’s also a chat pane so you can network with other members as you surf. Traffic Swirl also has the great feature of displaying your gravatar (picture linked to your email) in the surf bar, along with a link to your profile every time one of your sites is show. Personal branding – remember?

You get not only extra credits when referring others to join from your referral link, but also cash after they become an active member by surfing 50 pages.

So, what you waiting for?

Click the banner bellow and start surf to promote whatever you want to promote as long as didn't break their TOS.


Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

Justin Bieber Insulting Indonesia

When I hear about it, as an Indonesia I personally get shock. This "middle of nowhere" have 250 millions plus of populations and that spread arround the world. Imagine if wherever He is, He face a mass demo until He personally ask apology to Indonesian with a press release. Even I believe that wasn't enough, since this "nowhere" have been build with millions of life. With so much blood that could drawn Him on it. So Justin, WE BANNED YOU FOREVER!!