Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

MeetMoi the leading location-based mobile dating company in the United States

MeetMoi is one of the leading location-based mobile dating company in the United States.

The wapsite matches users with one another based on preferences and proximity through both application-based and mobile web-based dating. By leveraging location awareness and the real time communication channels available on mobile devices, MeetMoi makes it easy for members to connect in person. Users may join the dating community for free, with premium service available for a monthly subscription fee. Users are directed to an optimized landing page where they fill out a basic dating profile. In order to register for free, users are required to enter in their mobile phone number and verify it via a PIN submit. The conversion rate for this offer through other affiliate networks is about 8%. Meetmoi later monetizes the users by incentivizing them to upgrade to its premium service through various offers.

Cost for users: FREE !

- All users must be 18+ years
- Adult and incentivized traffic are not allowed
- Compatibility: iPhone and Android only
- Carriers available: Sprint, Alltel, T-Mobile, ATT, Verizon, US Cellular

User Conversion Flow:
1. User is invited to fillin 2 fields (gender, gender seeking)
2. User clicks on “Get started” link
3. User submits his phone number and validates his subscription via pin submit

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How to make money from mobile in USA?

Firstly, you have to register on one of the service in the bellow and be active in there.





Cause you will use it to attract other peoples (friends, family or anyone else to join like you).But don't ask them before you do the third step.

Secondly, you have to register on Mobpartner this is the place you will make money from by promote their services.

Thirdly, make a mobile blog on mywapblog.com and make couple post (anything).

Number four, login to the Mobpartner and find a link Site & Apps click it, you will go to a new page and then click Add mobile site and again, you will go to a new page that contains couple boxes, filled it.
Mobile Site Name: your mobile blog title
Mobile Site Url: your mobile blog address (with http://)
Mobile Site Logo Url: let it empty
Description: what is your mobile blog about
Category: better to choose entertainment category
Pages Views per Month: let it 0-1000
Languages: your mobile blog languages if didn't exist choose english
Then click Add button

Number five, click Subscribe to campaign link or when you at the homepage then click Affiliate Campaigns and choose the campaign that match which your country (better if you subscribe to the campaign that you already register at the first step) and subscribe with it (some of it will need validation by the admin to prevent spamming /fake site)

Number Six, read the explanations after you click subscribe.If it need admin validation, so you have to wait (usually couple days) or you can subscribes to all of the campaign.When you get auto approve campaign, then click promote link Get the code and make a review about it on your mobile blog like at my mobile blog.If you able to register on the campaign, then register to know more about the service and make a good reviews about it.

Number seven, ask your friends, families or all peoples you know to visit it and register.It might free to use for the member, but you will get paid every transactions

Number Eight, ask your friends, families or all peoples you know to tell about it to their friends (worth of mouth)

Number Nine, get more visitors to your mobile blog to boost the chance to make transactions.Read more in here

Number Ten, keep make a review about other campaign and always check a new campaign on Mobpartner.Cause they always have a new campaign to be promoted.

Thats the ways that I have used to make money from mobile.


What is the reason Pep Guardiola leave Barcelona?

Many people specially the fans of Barcelona asking the reason. Why Pep Guardiola leave Barcelona? In my opinion, if you see the match Barcelona Vs Chelsea in Champion League or Barcelona Vs Real Madrid in LaLiga. You should know exactly what His reason to leave Barcelona. Not because Barcelona lose in that match, but more because of the trick that they have used. Both team, whether Chelsea or Real Madrid use some coward scheme. Usually, most football team use 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-5-2, 4-3-2-1, etc. It will guaranted a wonderfull match, like usually we saw when Barcelona played. But try to remember what Chelsea used on the Champion League recently! They use 9-1 scheme, cause they only think about winning the match. So they forget the beauty of football, the rush, the tempted, etc. When its success, Real Madrid adopted the scheme and again we only see a boring match. So in my opinion, if Pep still in Barca the art of football will disappeared slowly but sure. Cause every team whose meet Barca, will adopt those scheme. Even worse if every lower class team on every league will adopt that scheme when they meet the highest class. Could you imagine if that happen? But personally, I admits that Pep was a genius. He is the only one who able to make such a great team like Real Madrid or even Jose "selfiss" Mourinho become nothing but a bunch of loser. Carry on Pep!!

How to sell my tips and tricks online?

If you have any tips or tricks about anything that could attract many people to know what its all about. Even they want to pay for it with a descend money. You want to sell it but didn't know how or where to start it. Then you should read this article to the end. There is a place called Clickbank in out there, the place of gathered marketers from whole world. Try to make steady income to live wealth by selling their tips and tricks online. This tips and tricks (anything) as long as not break the law, have a chance to make people get attracted and willing to know about even have to pay for it, its a digital product (ebooks and or videos). This kind of tips and tricks are welcomed in Clickbank. All you need is to register with them and read their FAQ and TOS to know how exactly it work. They also provide complete guide how to start and everything what need. You only need to pay a onetime fees to them, no more then $50. They will do the rest, whether the transactions, promotions, etc. So, what you waiting for? Go to the Clickbank and signup and read all the explanations that you will need. You could search at their searchbox with the keyword of "how to become a vendor". You will be shown the articles about what you will need to become a vendor (a seller) in there.