Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

How to make hundreds or even thousands of dollar from paid to upload?

Paid to upload or some people also call as a paid to share.Was a great way to make money, specially for the site that need to do an offer or survey before the file could be download.

Cause we could get paid upto couple of dollar for each download depended from which country the downloader comes. United States, United Kingdom and Canada usually become the most targeted countries. We will get the highest pay rate if the downloader come from that country.

The problems is, how we get the downloaders from that countries. Not just that countries, but also other countries.

There is couple ways that you could used.You could see it in the bellow link, the articles that you just read was one from that ways.

You will get more explanation on the file (its a pdf and virus free). Since its a very top secret tips articles, I have to protect it with link locker. In order to open it, you have to complete the very easy offer or survey depending your country.



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