Rabu, 07 November 2012

The way to be the first to know when a PTC turn a scam

How to know when a PTC site turn a scam?

Become my referral

I have joined with some PTC that have been suggested to me from a trusted site that I have joined. That site will told to their members as soon as a site that they suggested turn a scam.

As they have many referrals, it make them get fast to reach the cashout.When the site paid them, they will told to their member about it so their member keep continue to click the ads.

While if the site didn't paid them, they will told their members so they will stop to click the ads. We as the member only join a PTC site that they have suggested.

If you become my referrals, not only you will get notification when a site turn a scam. But also you will get revenue share from me, cause I will give back my earning from my referrals.

I will give back to you 65% of my earning from you as my referrals. So you will get a chance to get paid from me without have to wait the cashout from the PTC site.

You could join as much as site you want, cause the more site you register the more earning you will make from me. It mean, you will get a double chance to get paid. From me and from the PTC site, if and only if you able to reach the cashout before they turn a scam.




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