Minggu, 08 September 2013

Devin Gardner to Wear No. 98 in Distinction of Tom Harmon

With just two (planned) gatherings staying in the Michigan-Notre Dame arrangement, the Wolverines will make plans to make them unique. Also that exertion was even amplified to the pregame merriments Saturday, in which quarterback Devin Gardner was honored a No. 98 pullover in distinction of Michigan legend Tom Harmon.

Gardner will wear the 98 for the leftover of his profession, beginning with Saturday night’s standoff with the Irish.
Harmon was Michigan’s first Heisman Trophy victor, winning the grant in 1940. His child has liked an exceptionally solid Hollywood acting vocation and was close by for the pregame service respecting “Ole 98″ Saturday.

“My father might be just glad,” Harmon told the Detroit Free-Press Saturday. “He’d be humiliated, yet he’d be pleased. Humiliated since he was a modest man and he supposed not a single person did only it … For Michigan, its a vital day in distinguishing my father, both merited. There wasn’t anything my father did in his existence that didn’t have the saying Michigan appended to it”.

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