Rabu, 18 April 2012

How to get as much as refferal?

There are many ways and even more websites to promote your donkeymails referral URL. On this page we give you some good options to promote your donkeymails Referral URL. But ofcourse you can use them as well to promote any of your other websites you are member from.

1. Promote your Referral URL via your own Website or Blog
If you have an own website or blog page you can easy place one of the banners or a text link on it. Then if someone visit your website or blog and click on the banner they will join automatic in your downline.

2. Promote your Referral URL via Listbuilders
Listbuilders are realy a great and free way to promote your referral URL. On the listbuilders you can email each x number of days a x number of members (different on each listbuilder). As well on the most listbuilders you can earn credits for reading the emails to send out even more emails. Use these emails to promote your referral URL and you build up your downline easy and free.

3. Promote your Referral URL via Manual Traffic Exchanges.
Manual traffic exchanges are another great way to promote your referral URL. On the manual traffic exchanges you can earn credits for visit websites. Then you can use these credits to let other people see your website. So by visit websites from other people you can let other people visit your donkeymails referral URL and ofcourse join it when they like.

4. Promote your Referral URL via other PTR/PTC website.
Other Paid To Read and Paid to Click websites like are great to promote your referral URL. On a lot of these websites you can earn points that you can use then to promote websites. Use these points to promote your referral URL and build up your downline easy. As well most websites have the option to redeem your cash as well for advertising so that is ofcourse an option as well to do.

5. Promote your Referral URL by submit Articles.
Using articles with good content can build up good traffic to your article and when you include your referral URL as well traffic to your referral URL.

6. Promote your Referral URL using Social media websites.
Good sites to use : Facebook.com , Youtube.com , Twitter.com and ofcourse can use your messengers as well. BUT remember don't spam.

7. Promote your referral URL to your friends, family and all people you know!
How many friends or relatives do you have that would like to earn money working online. Make a list of everyone you know then contact them about your campaign to let them join under you to earn cash as well. PLEASE NOTE : do not send unsolicited bulk e-mail messages (SPAM). Such action will result in immediate termination of your account.

8. Promote your referral URL by using Google Sorts ads.
Google is ofcourse a great way to promote your URL. Only the ads on google are costing mostly a lot of money. But there is now a great way to get google ads free even without having a website. Adsvert.com is a great website to get your free google sorts ads online. On this website you can earn credits with setting up an page (like your referral URL) on it and put Adsvert.com on this directly. Then by promote that link you direct earn credits that you can use to promote your referral URL. So with this you promote direct your referral URL and earn extra credits as well that you can use again to promote your campaign.

9. Promote your referral URL by adding your website to Search Engines.
Just like google there are many search engines that you can use to promote your referral URL. Just by adding your page to the search engine you receive free traffic to your referral URL


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