Selasa, 03 April 2012

How to make money from mobile site or blog?

At the beginning, a site or a blog was used to share our activities, photos, knowledges, and everything to others. We, they or you didn't realize that we only make money for the site that we have used.Look at the Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogger, etc.

For those who didn't know that there are so much money that we can make from them if and only if we know the ways make it.While exactly, there are so much ways to make money with them directly or undirectly.

We will discuss it later, cause now we will discuss other ways to make money online, like the title said.How to make money from the mobile site or a blog.

Today, there are so many site that provide free hosting with free sub-domain like the one that I have used right know.At the beginning, they just provide a free hosting and free sub-domain.They didn't give us a chance to make money directly from them, even they place ads on our site or blog but they didn't share the revenue with us.

Recently, some of that site have change cause they share some of their earning with us.We only need to give our ID of the advertisers that we have used and they do the rest.The ads will be place on every post that we make on that site and when visitors click on it we get a shared of 50% from the earning.

Advertiser that we can use was Buzzcity, mobgold, Admob, Inmobi, Adsense, etc.But we also can use other advertisers like Mobpartner to promote mobile contents like Gameloft for worldwide visitors, Meetmoi for US visitors, iTunes for worldwide, FlirtyMob a mobile based flirt site for AUS, UK, GER and SA.Also there are so many more that we can promote to make unlimited money on auto pilot.This is that many marketers said on their ebook, make money on auto pilot.

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