Selasa, 03 April 2012

How to get thousands of friends in Facebook instantly?

For some peoples, Facebook was used to get connects with their real friends, family and collega.Cause that is the main reason why Facebook have been created at the beginning.Giving their members a connections to the peoples surround them.

But time to time, peoples start to use it to promote their business whether online or offline business.Cause Facebook have become one of the most crowded social networking site in this world.If you one of them who want to use it whether to promote your site or products and want to get thousands of friends in Facebook.Here the ways you can used like what I have done in the past.

1. Use Email Invite
There are a features in facebook that allow us to invite peoples from their email, when they have signup with Facebook that invite will change to a friends request.We can use list of email to be send an invitations, just hope that they approve our friends request.

2. Use Friends Suggest
You can ask your friends to suggest you to their friends and you do the same thing like they have done to you.

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