Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

How to Make My Children Admired to Me as Their Parents??

When I see a reality show on TV that there are so many parents having stress to controls their childrens.This make me sad and sometime this feel are torturing me to having a childs.So I make this post from searching in many resources and asking to the theirself why they acting like that.

How they can become like that??
What they want to get by acting like that??
Why they have acting like that??

Many parents ask to psychology about it, to solve this problems.Spend lot of money, time and feeling in order to get back the one that they loved.Well, did you really-really love your child??
I do believe that you love your child, but the way that you show to them was wrong.

So here the explanations that I get from the resources and from them.

How they can become like that??
When I asking to them about that, they said that they can become like it because they feel that their parents ignored them. If I’m asking this to you as their parents, I believe you will said “No way if I ignored them, cause I do love them“.

What they want to get by acting like that??
I believe you ever feel what they have feel, cause you also ever young before.You get angry when your parents didn’t want to listen to you. All they can do is only force you and give limitation on you.

Don’t do this
Don’t do that
You have to be like this
You have to be like that

Did you ever say that to your child??
What you have feel when someone told that to you??
Better not to force something to your child, let them who choose it.Your jobs is giving support to them and watch them so that they won’t out of the track.

Why they have acting like that??
Like I have said before, basically they want their parents always support them.Never force something to them, always be there when they need them.Parents are not about money or anything that you can give to your child.But more to cares, more time with them, always in their side when they needed.Support with all what they want or what they like to do.

Hope it can help you to win their heart again.

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