Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

How to Make Tens to Hundreds of Dollar a Day From Mobile??

Mobile was the prymary connection tool on the planet so far, more then two billion mobile users around the world.But not all of them know how to make money from it.

Yes, we can make money from our mobile whether directly or undirected, if and only if we know how to do it.Not much people know how to do it, cause they don't know that mobile can be used to make money.

I'm not telling about selling moola or pulse that already done by so much people in entire planet.It's not about that, but to sell a games or applications for mobile users.If you know that there are so much mobile games and applications vendor looking for peoples who want to promote their products.

They will give commission to the people who can sell their products up to 50% of the price.Gameloft, EA, iTunes and much-much more vendor in out there begging to us to promote their products.And for adult contents, there are more then you can imagine.

The problems is, not all people who want to be their affiliates can be welcome cause they have some TOS (Term Of Services) that have to be full fill by the peoples who want to be their affiliates.But, doesn't mean we can't promote them, cause there are so much site that have become their affiliates and need our help to promote it.

This site that we can use in order to promote those site (Gameloft, iTunes, EA, etc), we can use mobpartner.They provide all what we need to promote the products like games, apps, dating, etc.

All You need is register and add your site, page and get the code and place it on your site or page.When someone register or purchase a game, application from it.You will get paid by them according to the commissions deal that they have make with you.

If you know how to do it, it's not hard enough to make money from your mobile.

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